Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What To Do When Facing Death…

In 2009, Mike Koenigs was on top of the world… He had created one of the most innovative software companies in the marketing world, and had pulled off a product launch that produced over $9,000,000 in sales in just 7 days.

A year later, he’d do it again with a second launch that produced $7,000,000 in a single week.

And then at the age of 45, it all went sideways. Some mysterious health problems starting to show up, so he went in to see his doctor.

A few hours later, he walked out with a death sentence, and six months left to live.

The good news, is that Mike was able to beat back the Grim Reaper, and today he joins us to share his story and words of wisdom when it comes to facing death… What do you do with your family, with your business, and your friendships?

How do you keep a positive attitude and find the strength to fight?

You’ll hear about all of that and more in this amazing interview, so with that being said, here is Mike Koenigs….

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