Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Go Inside The Rise Of The Dollar Beard Club

So welcome to one of the most valuable episodes we’ve had here at Self Made Man…

Today we’re speaking with Chris Stoikos, and we’re going to cover A LOT.

Last year Chris and his team developed the Cool Box… Which is basically a pimped out toolbox that includes speakers, a flash light, USB ports, and battery for charging your tools, and an incredibly array of features never before seen on a tool box.

If you have an idea for a product that you’ve been wanting to develop, pay attention, because today, you’ll hear how they boot strapped that product for just $25,000, where they produced the concept art, how they got the prototypes made, and everything in between.

They launched the product on Indiegogo and raised over $425,000 in 30 days.

And that was just the beginning of the story. Soon they’d find themselves on Shark Tank, and partnering with a previous Self Made Man guest, Kevin Harrington.

Next, Chris launched The Dollar Beard Club, which has been a smash hit. In their first 13 months, they’ve produced over $12 million dollars in revenue, and today you’ll learn how they did it, from sourcing their products, to producing their incredibly viral launch video with Dan Bilzerian.

But neither of these ventures have been without peril. There have been plenty of landmines they’ve had to diffuse, which have almost killed both businesses and today you’re going to hear about all of them, so you can avoid them in your next venture.

When Chris and I recorded this interview, we were experiencing our 5th consecutive day of rain here in Austin, so our Skype connection was not ideal. Thankfully they sound quality does get better as the interview continues, so with that being said, please help me welcome Chris Stoikos.

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