Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Straight Outta Y-Combinator…

We’ve all been there… The moment when time stops as you watch your phone slowly fall towards the ground. The mistake has been made. It’s too late to stop it. All you can do now is hope against hope that when that phone up from off the ground, that you won’t be greeted by a shattered screen.

back in 2010, after cracking one too many Iphone screens AJ Forsythe and Anthony Martin, decided that there had to be a solution.

At the age of 24, they started, to help college students fix their phone screens, and do it with a twist… They’d create an app that would allow for on demand repair service. Wherever you are, their agents would come to you.

But thing started to get really interesting the moment they sat down across from a man named Paul Graham.

In 2005, Paul, along with a few others, started what has become the most important startup incubator in the world.

In fact, Y-Combinator has given birth to Dropbox, AirBnB, Stripe, and Reddit to name just a few.

Well in 2012, after being interviewed by Paul and his team, Anthony and AJ were accepted into the program.

They started building their vision and their team, and in 2014, revenues grew past $25 million.

Today, ICracked is moving far beyond phone repairs, in order to offer on demand, and on location services of all kinds.

Here’s their story, and the most valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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