Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shark Tank’s, Kevin Harrington…

Today we are joined by non-other, than Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. Kevin is one of the most accomplished serial entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet.

In fact, he invented the modern infomercial thanks to a chance meeting a trade show with the inventor of the Ginsu knife.

From that moment on, he went on to launch over 20… Yes 20 different businesses which have produced over $100,000,000 in sales each including his partnerships with Jack Lalanne, Tony Little, George Foreman, The Home Shopping Network, and he was even the man behind the $500,000,000 success of the Flying Lure.

The bottom line, is that Kevin knows how to sell.

He is also one of the Founding Board Members of EO – The Entrepreneurs Organization, which is the premier peer group for entrepreneurs around the world, and I was actually a member of EO Austin a few years ago.

Today Kevin operates a private consulting business designed to help entrepreneurs take take their new and novel products to market, and he is here with us to share some of his biggest lessons learned when it comes to business, and life.

So please help me welcome, Kevin Harrington.

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