Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The King Of Social Media…

By the age of 21 Branden Hampton was a millionaire. He owned $2.4 Million in real estate. The year was 2004. Three years later he’d lose it all and found himself in the midst of a three year depression.

One day he pulled himself out of bed and came across Twitter, and within the next few years, he’d go on to capture and control the largest social media accounts and influencers online.

His personally owned accounts have a combined audience of 32,000,000 followers, and the celebrity clients his agency manages has a reach of over 600,000,000.

Whenever you see a celebrity using or endorsing a product on social media, Branden and his company are the one’s who put that deal together

Today, you’re going to hear the story of how he did it, you’re get some of the most valuable advice in the world when it comes to effectively using social media, and you’re going to learn how you can partner up with the world’s biggest celebrities to help you grow your company and brand…

Please welcome, Branden Hampton…

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